Fair Market Value Advisors, LLC
  Comprehensive Review and Active Management of Real Estate Tax Assessments
  • Review of Property Tax Assessments

    • Senior Housing

      • Independent Living

      • Assisted Living

      • Memory Care/Care Suites

    • Apartments

  • Filing of Property Tax Appeals

  • Negotiation of Property Tax Settlements

  • Support in Tax Court

  • Active Management of Property Assessments

Thorough Review & Consultation
  • Unparalleled experience in property tax valuation of senior housing and multifamily housing

  • Ready access to data that supports our analysis and recommendations

  • Keen understanding of assessors' valuation methodologies

  • Insights gained from strong relationships with assessors

  • Expertise in separating real estate value from business value in senior housing

Financial Impacts
  • Better balance sheets due to refunds from successful appeals

  • Lower operating expenses and higher net operating income due to lower taxes

  • Elimination of additional fees from appraisers, brokers, and value experts for market data support or opinions​​

Time Savings
  • Efficiently delegate property tax concerns to us

  • Greatly reduce the amount of company resources required for appeals

  • Gain time to focus on other aspects of property management


Our work focuses primarily in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and upper Midwest region.


Below are several examples of past assignments. Please contact us for details.

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